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Trail and Error Guest Form - this page is hidden from the public, if you navigate away before finishing the form you'll lose your answers :(  If you do this by accident just hit the back button on your browser or follow the link we sent you and start again, which sucks but we only share this page with special people :) 

Hi, and thanks for agreeing to take part in the Trail and Error podcast!


We’re aiming to bring interesting guests like yourself to the mic to share some highs and lows of your trail running experiences and have some fun while we chat. Each show has a duration of between 40-60 minutes and is audio only right now, although a brief video chat between the 3 of us before we start recording is handy.


To help us to get the best from you and for the listeners there are a few questions below that will help us form a narrative for the show. If you could jot down some answers that would be awesome!


We’re not asking for anything in depth, just enough info so that we can ask you questions on subjects you’re happy to chat about and that the audience will enjoy!

We’ll ask about highs and lows you’ve experienced, things that you’d do differently and what gains and positives these brought to you; so you might find it useful to start to think about these in advance.

Just hit the button below the last question and we'll be in touch. But please read the technical FAQ's at the bottom of the page, even if you're a seasoned interviewee, we just want things to go as smoothly for you as possible with as little fuss on the day as we can. 

Thanks for submitting!

Technical Advice

Technical advice for getting the best audio and internet connections.


To get the best audio experience it’s essential that you use headphones for the call to remove any echoes from the other participants.


We’ll be using ‘Zencastr’ to record the interview and we’ll send you a link to join before the show. Zencastr records a local high quality copy of the audio and sends it to us after the call has concluded (our live chat isn’t affected by this and you won’t notice at all), so that if audio quality dips during your interview because of connectivity issues the final audio we use for the broadcast will still be high quality audio. Our interview will just seem like a normal conversation though, Zencastr does all the hard work in the background for us so it’ll all be seamless for you. Hassle free!


After we finish recording it just takes a minute or less for the recording to upload and we need you to stay online until that’s complete.


Zencastr will need 10Gb of available hard drive space to make the temporary recording and please don’t use a browser in private mode as that prevents the local recording feature.


So that’s the audio side of things, now onto the internet connection.


All the standard things we’ve gotten used to over the pandemic and remote meetings hold true.

Try to reduce or switch off anything running in the background on your device or network that might hog your bandwidth, were talking streaming movies and granny on her Xbox or Playstation.

Zencastr will help as already discussed but we’d like the live chat to flow uninterrupted too so try to avoid being too far from you Wi-Fi access point or if you’re using cellular data you’ll need a good strong signal.


That’s it. If you have any questions ahead of the call please fire them over to us way ahead of time with as much notice as possible. We’ll be recording multiple shows on a tight schedule and we also want to take up as little of your time as possible on the day too!



Thanks again for agreeing to be part of the show! We’ll be in touch to sort out a time to record the episode soon.


Tris and Jay

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