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The Hosts

Tris and Jay are friends and runners whose passion for trail running, the outdoors and figuring out how to get from A to B, sometimes via W,T and F and even O. M and G has found an outlet via the Trail and Error podcast.


The fun we've had while running and the highs and lows experienced have definitely enriched other aspects of our lives and we wanted to chat with people from the running world and beyond to find out where the peaks and troughs have been and how they've dealt with them, and to share that knowledge with our friends and listeners. We hope you enjoy the show! 

Jay and Tris on an Arc recce run Jan 2020

Jay Grady

Tris Stephenson

Jay has neglected to shave for a few years and enjoys running in his adoptive home of Cornwall in the UK as well as enjoying adventures further afield in mountains and deserts alike.


A solid mid pack ultra runner, when he's not in running gear he works as a clinical sports therapist, both in the UK and as part of overseas training camps and expeditions. Currently involved with several environmental improvement projects. 

Best Trail: UTMB Oman


Biggest Error: First Mountain Ultra - Climbing 32 miles to the summit of a volcano and DNF'ing by 9 minutes. No acclimatization!! 

Tris is a born and bred Cornishman, but likes to pretend he's a man of the world. A late bloomer in the running world, he has acquired injuries and podium places in equal quantities but thanks to a potentially lethal combination of stubbornness and stupidity he keeps pushing on. His training is currently focussed on 100km, 100mile and 24 hour distances.

Best Trail: Anything on the Cornish coast path


Biggest Error: Running when he should be resting.

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