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Episode 4 - Film My Run.

We talk all things Trail and Treadmill with runner, filmmaker and Zwift blogger Stephen Cousins. There's even an easter egg in this one!

Stephen's 'Film My Run' YouTube channel is well known in the UK trail running community for his 'in race' commentary and for offering a glimpse of trail running events across the european continent. An impressive race resume includes, CCC in Chamonix, Arc of Attrition 100 in Cornwall, the equally brutal Transgrancanaria

and Transvulcania and the Bluetrail in Tenerife,100+ kilometres to the top of the highest mountain in Spain.

“Top entry on my running CV? First person to run a marathon on Zwift!"

Treadmill time with Zwift! Who knew???

Stephen's life was flipped on its head when his down time as a photographer was scooped up by fitness company Zwift to become their in house journalist and blogger. We spent an hour chatting to Stephen while he walked and talked on his treadmill and learned how technology has permeated into the world of running something that's taken on extra meaning for many runners in the last 16 months.

So does all that treadmill running benefit trail runners or work against us? Find out more in this episode of Trail and Error and be thankful you don't have this as a video, it was huge fun but slightly vertigo inducing for us.

and learn more about Zwift Run here:

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