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Episode 3 - James Hallett

Trails In Motion

How a forerunner of Strava and a mountain trail race in Africa spawned a global trail running phenomenon.

Filmmaker and running journalist James Hallett of the Trails in Motion Film Tour talks movies, mountains and chicken pox!

They didn't know it but the moment James' wife introduced him to trail running would change both of their lives forever and lead him to the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro and ultimately to create a worldwide movement the trail running movie tour, Trails In Motion, now in it's 9th year.

I loathed running, like I mean I hated it!!! Found every excuse to get out of compulsory annual cross-country races and would hide...”

Mountain of Greatness - Kilimanjaro

When an an outbreak of chicken pox floors James on the eve of his first movie shoot, his co-director disappears into the off grid world of Kilimanjaro with a camera, recording equipment and Simon Mtuy - Multiple World Record holding trail runner. When he returns after 11 days his call to James is simple, 'The footage is GOLD' and the story of the inaugural Kilimanjaro Stage Run is crafted into the award winning trail movie - Mountain of Greatness. And so a dream to share a world of trail running adventures via the medium of film is born.

James's Trails in Motion film tour has become a much loved feature of the running calendar all around the world and we're super stoked to share the story of its origin with you. Through ups and downs, successes and setbacks we hear how films from all over the world bring trail runners together to break bread, watch movies and make memories.

Dim the lights and pass the popcorn for episode 3 of Trail and Error.

Find out more about Trails In Motion and how to host a screening here:

Watch Mountain of Greatness here:

And James' other co production 'A Journey to Black Mountain' here:

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