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Episode 10 - The Serpent Trail

Tris headed 'up country' last week (along with a large section of the Cornish trail running community) to take on the Serpent Trail 100k race. In this episode we chat pre race preparations, kit and tactics before catching up after the event to see how it went.

This 100k course (other distances are available) has a runnable trail and Freedom Racing who organise it place ample support en-route to allow fast free and fluid running. Times tumble and heart rates rocket as the runners can go minimal as they eat up the miles.

Starting just off a Surrey high street, within a mile this trail enters woodland and then ascends to the highest point in the South Downs National Park, snaking through glades, copse, fields and heathland as it rises and falls through the Wealden Greensand Hills. Is it go fast or go home time? Tris has an ambitious plan and unusually a pacer as his brother Pat joins him for the final 50km.

So how did it go?

Join us for episode 10 of Trail and Error to hear how it went... let's just say the conditions underfoot on the day were....moist!!!!

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