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Episode 12 - Vassos Alexander

- Talking Sparta with a rocket man!

In this weeks episode were joined by ultra runner, sports presenter and author Vassos Alexander.

As a sports presenter, reporter and commentator for the BBC since 2004, Vassos has covered everything from the Olympic Games through to Wimbledon. He's best known for presenting the sports news on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 and now Virgin Radio, Vassos has become a huge advocate for running all distances from Park Run to Ultras.

Vassos is no cosseted celeb dabbling in the endurance running world in order to write an interesting chapter in their future memoirs! He's a through and through ultra runner from the toes up! From completing 30 marathons and nailing a sub 3 finish to taking on some of Europe's toughest events including Dragon's Back, South Downs 100 and Spartathlon, Vassos has an impressive running resume. He's not done yet either and we hear about his upcoming challenges.

We talk about the Spartathlon, Dragons Back, Park Run and how not to get burned by a rocket pack, (possibly the only time we'll discuss this subject).

We also hear about one of Vassos's biggest upcoming running challenges... If you're a Cornish runner you might want to keep your eyes peeled in the coming months!

Listen to Vassos and his co-host Helen Williams on the Park Run podcast here:

You can find and enjoy Vassos' books here:

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