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Episode 16 - John Mergler

This week we're joined by Cornishman and endurance athlete extraordinaire John Mergler.

We chat about Kona, how to develop and employ a winning mindset and the rise of ultra running as well as discussing its rise in popularity and where the sport is heading.

John is a multi-discipline endurance athlete, successful coach, adventurer and triathlon legend. John has competed in over 100 Ironman events and won in his age category at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2010. In 2017, he and his partner Debbie embarked upon the Iron Century, an attempt to complete 100 Ironman distances in 100 days (Debbie did half Ironman distances and subsequently set a world record). After being based in Australia for a number of years, John has recently returned to his Cornish homeland and very recently competed in the the BOYD 24 hour endurance race.

1989 Kona Iron Wars - Mark Allen & Dave Scott:

So how did it go?

Join us for episode 15 of Trail and Error to hear how we got on... one thing's for certain, once again, things didn't go entirely to plan! (Do they ever???)

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