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Episode 25 - Ian Corless

Photographer, podcaster, cyclist and runner Ian has been working and traveling the world of adventure and endurance sports for almost 30 years.

He chats to us about his adventures and experiences across the globe and about his work as an event photographer in some of the worlds most amazing and dramatic locations.

We also talk about the bonds of the trail running community and his friendships with Killian and Emilie and life in Norway.

Check out Ian’s work here:

his book Running Beyond

and also his podcast, Talk Ultra which is a favourite of ours : Talk Ultra

So join us for another episode of Trail and Error.

Thanks again to all of you for listening. If you have a moment please, like, subscribe and if you have a few seconds more, perhaps write a short review. It's all a great help to us in growing the audience and is very much appreciated!

Tris and Jay

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