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Episode 6 - Ellie Walsh

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

- Dr Ellie Walsh talks about running in Nepal, Austria , whisky and books!

A relative newcomer to the ultra running world, Ellie chats with us about her experiences around the globe, supporting her friend and runner Mira Rai and her charity the 'Mira Rai Initiative', among many other things...

Ellie's running resume is already spanning continents and taking in some bucket-list events - we talk about her travels and fieldwork in Nepal, her career as an author and how much a baby killer whale's head weighs (no killer whales were harmed in the making of this podcast) !

“Am I dating Killian? I think I am!! ”

We hear how as a checkpoint manager Ellie trekked solo 14 hours through the foothills of the Himalayas to the highest checkpoint to set up a hydration point ready for the Sky Race runners at dawn and her meeting with Killian Journet. Running through the Austrian mountains also comes up as we discuss the Mozart 100. She's a welcome and familiar face in the Cornish trail running world too and we hear how the Cornish landscape has inspired her writing.

Mira Rai, Salomon athlete, women's empowerment advocate and campaigner also crops up and we hear about how she & Ellie struck up a friendship and a little of Mira's origin story, including her arrival on the ultra scene.

So crack open a bag of unsalted crisps and a jar of Himalayan rock salt as you listen to episode 6 of Trail and


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