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Episode 7 - Michael Stocks

GB vest holder and winner of the Thames Path 100.

Michael was born in South Africa and moved to the UK at the turn of the millennium. He has represented England and Great Britain as an ultrarunner. He ran 155 miles in 24 hours around an athletics track at a race in London. On the strength of that performance, he was selected to run for Great Britain at the 24-Hour World Championships in Albi, France.

At 50, he was the oldest athlete to make their debut for Great Britain in the modern era.

His book 'One Track Mind: What Running 150 Miles in a Day Can Teach You about Life' was released recently and has quickly established itself as a 'required reading' for any runner taking on the 24 hr running format.

“You have to expect that you might feel pretty ill during these events and that that's ok....I've done some pretty spectacular vomiting..."

Michaels running bio includes:

Thames Path 100 mile (first place)

Tooting 24-Hour: 154 miles and first place

Anglo Celtic Plate (national 100km championships), finished third.

Comrades Marathon (green number (permanent number) for 10 finishes)

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