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Episode 22 - Gloucester Elite Track

Race Special

This week we do a deep dive on Tristans October 23rd track 24hr event in held at the Jubilee athletics track Gloucester.

The concept for this couldn’t be simpler. Run in circles for 24 hours straight and complete as many laps as possible.

In reality this is a pretty brutal way to run. Repetition for both the body and mind bring their own pain and to finish 24 hours continuous running always is a very big ask.

Will the monotony eat away at the will to continue? You do change direction every 4 hours, but that gives only temporary relief to joints and eyes before the boredom sets in again.

For runners more accustomed to some visually stunning Cornish trails we knew this would be a big test.

After our chats with Micheal Stocks (Episode 7) and Paul Maskell (Episode 17) we had a basic idea of the event and the format and strategies but there were also an awful lot of unknowns.

So join us for another episode of Trail and Error to find out exactly how it unfolded.

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Tris and Jay

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